Season 1

Episode 1 

Bobby Jr first 3 seasons up in Kansas

Episode 2

Bobby Glenn chasing big bucks in Kansas

Episode 3

Chris Weisberg is up in Wyoming chasing speed goats

Episode 4

Chris and Ivan in Kansas Chasing big Whitetails

Episode 5

Youth turkey hunting in Oklahoma and Kansas

Episode 6

Ty and Megan chasing black bear in New Mexico

Episode 7

doe management and Mule deer in south TX

Episode 8

Ty and Megan chasing a big buck on their farm in Central Oklahoma

Episode 9

The guys are chasing turkeys in Oklahoma and Kansas

Episode 10

Pete and His Brother Tom are chasing WhiteTails in Oklahoma and Tom gets on his First deer ever

Episode 11

the crew is back chasing turkeys! Join Chris, Pete, Dallas, and Ty on their quest to put down some birds

Episode 12

The guys We are back at it. On The Water Slaying the fish  with Our Good Friends over at Aquatic Adventures 

Episode 13

Season 1 recap