Ty and Megan were born and raised on opposite end of the beautiful state of Oklahoma, however that did not keep their paths from crossing. Ty a firefighter from southwest Oklahoma, has been hunting since his feet hit the ground. Ty’s love for hunting was passed onto him by his father, who showed him the ropes of deer hunting, little did his father know the fire he was igniting in his son. Ty’s love and passion for hunting far surpasses deer hunting today and includes, waterfowl, turkey, mountain lion, predator, elk, and bear. Ty met his now wife Megan when they attended the same Emergency Medical Technician class together in August 2012. From the moment they met, most every hunt has been spent together. Megan, a registered nurse, was raised hunting waterfowl and deer, but the love for the hunt has continued to evolve and flourish since meeting Ty. Because, what is better than one person obsessed with hunting but to have a best friend to obsess with you?? Megan’s favorite hunts include turkey, bear, and mountain lion, but of course she likes deer, waterfowl, and predator. They hunted together for around a year before they decided to start filming hunts together, so after an outdoor videography class together and enough blooper reels to fill the Mississippi, several mishaps, misses, and kill shots, here we are!