Pintail Pete

 Pete was born in upstate New York.  His father got him into archery and the outdoors at a young age, his family moved to Oklahoma when he was 16.  Oklahoma has only intensified Pete's love for the outdoors.  After college he starting working as a Wildland Firefighter and has been for the last 9 years. Working out west has opened up Pete's  eyes to hunting out west for bigger game such as elk, bear, Barbary sheep, mule deer, and antelope.  which he plans on  pursuing  in the up coming seasons.  Pete's main passion is duck hunting which he was introduced to about 5 years ago and has been obsessed every since.   Duck hunting also motivated him to start doing taxidermy in the winter months.  Pete recently got married to his wife Shannon in 2017.  They enjoy Archery together, Pete is still trying to get her into hunting but has so far been unsuccessful.